Leading the Change, for the Better


European Union Civilian Training Initiative – EUCTI aims to improve the life of people living in the conflict affected societies by enhancing the quality of training provided to those individuals joining the crisis management missions – either CCM missions or civilian elements of the integrated missions.

Through the designed training activities, the EUCTI aims at enhancing the abilities of the deployed civilian staff in EU CSDP, OSCE, UN, AU and possibly other crisis management missions to work in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner to implement their respective missions’ mandates. Thus, EUCTI contributes in enhancing human security in the conflict prone regions.

The project will result in

Efficiently trained personnel of the civilian missions in Europe, Africa and Middle-East (through standardized training activities, coordination of training providers and operations in continuous dialogue with the relevant stakeholders).

Enhanced capacity of (member) states and international organisations to deploy specialized and highly prepared personnel to EU CSDP missions and other international civilian crisis management missions.

Improved harmonisation and coherence of civilian training activities in Europe and beyond.



The official kick-off meeting of the EUCTI virtually took place on 11 March 2021. The meeting welcomed eight project partners as well as representatives of EU structures, OSCE African Union, UN and EU CSDP missions. The meeting provided a platform for intense knowledge exchange through past and present experiences in the field of civilian crisis management and cooperation strategies that will provide guidance for the project.