ANNOUNCING: Concepts, Communication & Constitutional Values


EUCTI is pleased to announce the upcoming pilot training course developed by the Crisis Management Centre Finland (CMC Finland) on Concepts, Communication and Constitutional Values. The training is tailor-made to address the complexities of operating in a culturally diverse environment, with a special focus on protecting and upholding fundamental human rights.

Even though the course contents apply to various environments, this pilot edition will be dedicated to Libya. Between 6 and 8 November, up to 15 participants from the EU Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM Libya) and other international (civilian) crisis management organisations in the region will gather in Tunis, Tunisia, for a two-and-a-half-day program, equipping them with invaluable insights, skills, and tools for successful mission work.

What Makes This Training Unique?

Relevance: This course delves deep into the intersection of Islam, secular and sacred law, and human rights within the Libyan context, providing practical and applied insights.

Inclusivity: Open to EUBAM Libya personnel and other international actors in the region, this training encourages networking, creating synergies, and enabling future collaborations.

Multi-Perspective Approach: Experts in intercultural communication, faith-based worldviews, and constitutional values will guide participants through a multi-perspective approach, enriching their understanding and application of course content.

The course is participant-centred and interactive as it builds on the pre-course background material and ensures the right balance between theory and practice. We believe it is not just an opportunity for personal growth but a significant step towards effective, culturally sensitive crisis management in Libya.

We wish all the participants productive and insightful training days ahead!