ANNOUNCING: Conflict Resolution Skills


This is a special course announcement, as the next course will be the very last EUCTI training course before the start of the new project in the second half of 2024*.

Based on the request of the EU Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM Libya), the Austrian Centre for Peace (ACP) will conduct an online three-day basic course on conflict resolution skills. It will enhance the conflict resolution skills of national and international staff working in crisis management missions or peace support operations in Libya.

Up to 20 participants will join the training team in the online classroom between 5 and 7 May 2024. Their needs for training focused on mediation, negotiation, dialogue conflict resolution, and conflict analysis tools will be incorporated into the comprehensive and intense training programme.

The first asynchronous part on the Moodle platform will be followed by live sessions, exercises, simulations and case studies where the participants will develop essential skills in dialogue facilitation, team resilience, and conflict capacity building.

The training methodology prioritizes participant needs, incorporating adult and experiential learning principles. Training modules will focus on understanding conflict, conflict resolution mechanisms, conflict-sensitive approaches, and conflict engagement processes, tools and skills.

For more information about ACP and its initiatives, visit ACP’s website.

*More information on the new project will follow soon, so please stay tuned! But we can provide an exclusive sneak peak that the next project will also be focused on developing capabilities of deployed and soon-to-be-deployed staff of civilian crisis management missions.