ANNOUNCING: Mentoring & Advising in CCM


Our Belgian partner Egmont Institute is on a roll! They will organise their second training under the EUCTI umbrella in two weeks – this time on Mentoring and Advising in Civilian Crisis Management. The training will be conducted in person between 7 and 10 November 2023 in Bamako, Mali, in French.

This is also the second EUCTI training this year that will be attended by the (Operations) staff of the EU Capacity Building Mission in Mali (EUCAP Sahel Mali) and other international organisations active in the field of civilian crisis management in Mali. It is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of experts working as advisers by focusing on advising in complex political settings.

The specificity of the Malian context will be transversally used as a background element to illustrate the theoretical aspects of the training. Considering the current context in Mali, the ability to overcome local resistance to advising by mission counterparts and to build a trusting relationship with national authorities will be at the heart of the training.

As with other similar EUCTI training courses, special attention will be dedicated to creating a welcoming and relaxing training environment. Interactive simulation exercises and group work will ensure active participation and transfer of knowledge and will create the best learning experience for all parties involved in the training.

Training modules will cover advising and mentoring in the Malian context, principles and processes of capacity building through advising, coping with resistance and integrating advising into the mission structure.

We trust this training activity will equip and enhance the participants’ crucial skills for their work obligations and contribute to creating long-lasting knowledge within their respective mission environments.

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