ANNOUNCING: Strategic & Crisis Communication


Following the successful edition of the Strategic Communication training in November 2022, Clingendael Institute will recreate and upgrade the existing training programme. The online training on Strategic and Crisis Communication will run on 8, 16 and 21 November 2023 and 17 January 2024.

Due to evolving and everchanging geopolitical dynamics, strategic and crisis communication skills are becoming more and more important for governments and other organisations trying to convey their policies and goals effectively. These skills, tools and strategies help shape public perception, counter the effects of mis- and disinformation and promote stability, peace and humanitarian assistance in conflict areas. The EU and its civilian missions play a crucial role in this process – but how? And how can the EUAM, in particular, deal with the Russian disinformation efforts to discredit its presence in Ukraine?

This training will offer a platform to address common issues, such as finding ways to communicate swiftly, transparently and openly with the public and thus build trust and understanding. It will enable the participants to share ideas and experiences and find common solutions.

As with the first edition of the training, this version will be spread through three non-consecutive days. Course content will include sections on

  • the “Rhetorical Arena” exploring the relationship between crisis management and communication
  • Dis- and Misinformation
  • Crisis Communication Planning and Tools

The additional session in early 2024 will serve as a critical review and stress test of the crisis communication plan developed by the mission.

Mainly the Press and Public Information Division staff of the EU Advisory Mission in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine) will benefit from this training. A high turnover rate of staff, the continued high relevance of the topic for the mission environment and general positive feedback of the first edition contributed to the second edition of this training.