Building Peaceful Pathways: Empowering Mediators in Georgia


EUCTI is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the advanced training course on Mediation and Dialogue in International Civil Crisis Management Missions, organised by the Clingendael Institute and held in Tbilisi, Georgia, from May 29 to May 31, 2023.

Building on the fruitful collaboration with EUMM Georgia in 2022 and based on the geopolitical complexities, the mission specifically requested an advanced course to enhance the skills and knowledge of selected participants in the field of mediation, dialogue, and conflict analysis. This intensive three-day training was specifically tailored to address the unique challenges faced in Georgia. By deepening participants’ skills and knowledge, this training program equipped mission’s personnel with the necessary tools and competencies to navigate complex conflict scenarios, facilitate dialogue, and work towards sustainable resolutions.

The course catered to mid to senior-level practitioners working at EUMM Georgia, who are actively involved in implementing conflict-sensitive projects and activities. It is noteworthy that nearly all participants had previously completed the foundational training on Mediation, Dialogue, and Conflict Analysis, which served as a strong basis for this advanced course.

The training revolved around three inter-connected elements:

  1. Negotiation and Mediation Concepts and Tools for Conflict Resolution
  2. Trust-Building and Dealing with Deadlocks
  3. Process Design and Team Coordination Supporting Dialogue Processes

The theoretical framework was complemented by practical exercises, assignments, simulations, and enriching discussions. These interactive elements were greatly appreciated by the trainees and equipped them with a comprehensive skill set, including technical expertise, tools, and competencies.

Goals and objectives

The goals and objectives of the training were multifaceted. Participants were empowered to explain the fundamental elements of effective negotiation and mediation processes, analyse conflicts and their specific contexts, and select appropriate tools and techniques relevant to the situation at hand. Moreover, participants had the opportunity to assess their own strengths and weaknesses in the application of these concepts.

As a result of this training, participants have developed a profound understanding of key concepts and practices that lead to successful and sustainable mediation and negotiation outcomes. They are now equipped to provide expert advice on negotiation and mediation activities, contributing to local, national, and international negotiations in the context of international crisis management missions.

EUCTI extends its heartfelt congratulations to all participants on their successful completion of the advanced training course. We firmly believe that their newly acquired skills and knowledge will significantly contribute to fostering peace, stability, and effective conflict resolution in the region.