Empowering Peace in Peace Operations: Mongolia Edition


EUCTI’s East Asia training adventure successfully came to a close. Between 11 and 15 March 2024, EUCTI’s Slovenian partner, the Centre for European Perspective (CEP), implemented a Gender Mainstreaming in Peace Operations and Mission training for 20 participants involved in civilian crisis management in Mongolia.

Through various modules, such as Foundations of Gender Mainstreaming, Contextual Application of Gender Mainstreaming and Practical Gender Mainstreaming Methodologies, the participants widened their knowledge of gender mainstreaming practices inside and outside of the peace operations and missions.

They learned that cultural context is crucial in understanding and creating inclusive gender policies, education, and awareness need to be built using a whole-of-society approach, and gender equality helps all to live in peaceful and sustainable societies.

Participants gave very positive feedback on the course, explaining that it will help them better prepare for their jobs, better understand their counterparts’ issues, and use inclusive and accepting language when working in the field.