EUCTI First Thematic Edition: What do we do in Ukraine?


Since the start of the project, the European Union Civilian Training Initiative (EUCTI) has organised 22 training courses that aimed at enhancing the skills and capabilities of the crisis management missions (either EU CSDP or other integrated missions working in the field of CCM) personnel and improving their ability to carry out their respective missions’ mandate in a complex and challenging environment.

In the aftermath of the 1-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we brought together a selection of training activities organised for one of our main beneficiaries, the EU Advisory Mission in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine).

The training activities were conducted by experienced trainers and experts in their respective fields and tailored to the specific mission needs. The trainings provided valuable knowledge and skills that enabled the missions’ personnel to carry out their mandate more effectively and efficiently. EUCTI’s continued support and commitment to the training of the personnel contribute to the missions’ success and the promotion of peace and stability in Ukraine.

Overview of the Training Activities

Since November 2021, EUCTI has implemented 4 training activities for the primary beneficiary the European Union Advisory Mission in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine):

  • Intercultural Communication Course

Project Partner: The Clingendael Institute

Date: November 2021

More than 20 experts attended Clingendael’s Intercultural Communication training to enhance their intercultural communication skills, cultural awareness, knowledge and skill set. This was also the only course for EUAM Ukraine, which was conducted face-to-face and included the training participants from other international organisations active in civilian CCM – NATO and OSCE.

Read more about the training here.

  • Negotiation and Mediation in International Crisis Management Course

Partner: The Clingendael Institute

Date: February 2022

The online Negotiation and Mediation in International Crisis Management Missions training targeted civilian, police and military experts working for international organisations in a crisis management environment. Mission leaders, political advisers, liaison officers, planners, mentors, and advisers improved their soft skills. They deepened their knowledge of negotiation, mediation and dialogue skills with the help of case studies, role plays, and interviews with practitioners.

Read more about the training here.

  • Protection of Civilians Course

Partner: Centre for European Perspective

Date: May 2022

Centre for European Perspective’s training team rapidly responded to the mission’s needs and implemented an online training on the Protection of Civilians for 25 participants who learned about the current trends and developments in the field, gained an overview of the Protection of Civilians operational tools, and learned about good practices and main challenges in the field from leading practitioners.

Read more about the training here.

  • Strategic and Crisis Communication Course

Partner: The Clingendael Institute

Date: October/November 2022

The online Strategic and Crisis Communication training consisted of three parts: Rhetorical Arena, Dis- and Misinformation and Crisis Communication Planning and Tools. The mission’s Public and Press Information officers and other interested staff were introduced to theoretical concepts which helped them train their skills with the help of short crisis interventions, group assignments, case studies and interactive lectures.

Read more about the training here.

Future activities

The future activities for EUAM Ukraine are currently in the stage of organisation and planning. The one developed by the Centre for European Perspective for EUAM Ukraine is the Digital Communication in Civilian Crisis Management course. The training will take place in late May/early June 2023 and focus on storytelling in social media, disinformation, Telegram and Meta.

In the pipeline are the courses on Strategic and Crisis Communication, developed by the Clingendael Institute, and training on Strategic Advising by Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, both planned to be conducted still this year.

EUAM Ukraine background

The EU mission in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine) is a civilian crisis management mission launched in 2014 in response to the crisis in Ukraine. The mission’s objective is to provide support to Ukrainian authorities in areas such as the rule of law, public order, and human rights. The mission is composed of civilian personnel from EU member states and operates in a highly volatile and unpredictable environment. The mission mandate was amended between March and April, a month after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Additionally, they are now providing advice and support on international crimes and border management.”