EUCTI Training Reflections: Training of Trainers in Civilian Crisis Management


EUCTI’s first training activity was marked by a Training of Trainers Course, which was implemented by the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies between 18 and 22 October in an online format. The training was tailored to the needs of the European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia with participation extended to other international organisations working in the country. In addition, participants from the European Union Capacity Building Mission in Niger joined the training course based on their request.

The Training of Trainers course offered the participants theoretical and practical knowledge, which supports their ability to design and deliver training activities as well as equip them with skills and competencies to become more effective trainers. EUCTI spoke with two of the training participants about their experiences regarding the five-day training. Here are the impressions of Tatiana Skhirtladze, Interpreter from Field Office Mtskheta and Rudolf Luttik, seconded Training officer from EUMM Georgia Headquarters.

You participated in the ToT delivered as a part of EUCTI project in October. Could you tell us why you applied for the training and how do you think that you can use the new acquired skills and knowledge in your work?

Mrs. Skhirtladze: I was very excited by the ToT offered within the framework of the EUCTI project. Being the resource person for trainings in EUMM Field Office Mtskheta, this training provided me with a good theoretical knowledge and very useful practical skills to better organise and streamline the Induction Training Package that we deliver to our newcomers. With the newly acquired knowledge and skills, I can further contribute to provide professional and comprehensive field-based induction trainings.

ToT was delivered in online format due to ongoing pandemic. How well did the training meet your expectations and – a classic question – would you do it again?

Mrs. Skhirtladze: Even though the training was delivered in an online format due to the ongoing pandemic, the organisers ensured maximum engagement from participants with group exercises and brainstorming sessions, in which participants could also exchange their views and experience. My training expectations were met to the fullest, and I am glad I participated!

Please tell us who you are and what is your role at the EUMM.

Mr. Luttik: My name is Rudolf Luttik, I am a Dutch Policeman and I work at EUMM Training Section as a training officer. As such, I’m always looking for courses that would build the knowledge and skills of our mission members.

In your opinion, how does EUMM Georgia benefit from the EUCTI Training of Trainers course?

EUCTI program was quite interesting for us, especially the online “train the trainers” course, which was delivered by the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna from Italy. We worked together with them on the curriculum so that is as tailored and relevant as possible to our participants, and to the current need to improve our ability to train, teach and coach online. Now that the course has been delivered, I can that the various lectures really met our needs, and we hope to continue working with EUCTI in the future.

 EUCTI is an EU co-funded three-year-long project, and it can provide more training opportunities also for the EUMM mission members in the future. In your opinion, what kind of training would benefit the EUMM the most and why?

The EUCTI courses are interesting for us because they can be tailored to the needs of the mission, and are informed by the knowledge of the Consortium on our fields of work.

EUCTI would like to thank both training participants for their time to answer our questions and wish them the best of success in delivering trainings to EUMM Georgia staff! Stay tuned for more EUCTI Training Reflections to get an insight on how civilian crisis management experts experience our training activities.