EUCTI Progress Update and Upcoming Activities


The EUCTI Consortium has dedicated the past months to plan its future activities and establish a strong platform based on informed decision-making through coordination with its partners as well as representatives from Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) missions and other international and regional civilian crisis management missions.

Methodology and standardisation constitute the basis for implementing as well as developing our training activities, which was consolidated by the EUCTI Working Group on Standardisation & Methodology and Working Group Evaluation. One of the fundamental activities of the Working Group on Standardisation & Methodology in the past months has been the finalisation of the EUCTI Methodology for course concept revision, update and development, which provides guidelines for designing course curricula. Apart from guidelines on design, the EUCTI Methodology designed a methodological framework for curriculum development, which is based on formative evaluation and end-of-training summative evaluation. Finally, the Working Group Evaluation finalised the EUCTI evaluation framework, which implements assessment and evaluation mechanisms to be put in place to ensure high quality, consistent, needs-based and learner-centred delivery of trainings. These frameworks were approved by the EUCTI Consortium at the partners’ meeting on 9 September 2021.

In parallel, the EUCTI has conducted an extensive outreach process, contacting representatives of CSDP missions as well as representatives of other international and regional civilian crisis management missions. Consultations with mission representatives were conducted in regards to training needs of the mission personnel. We received several positive and diverse responses about the training needs on the mission grounds and are currently in the process of discussing their implementation in the near future. Some most needed training topic were presented in our ‘training spotlight’ section already: Negotiation and Mediation Skills, New Media Tools and Techniques and Conflict Analysis & Conflict Sensitivity, to name only a few. Moreover, we are excited to announce that the first EUCTI training will be the course on Training of Trainers, for mission personnel operating in Georgia. Our partners from Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies from Italy will conduct the online training in October.

By the end of this year, EUCTI aims to implement up to seven training activities for international civilian crisis management missions. Make sure to follow our website and social media to remain up to date with our activities.