EUCTI Training Announcement: Advanced Course on Mediation and Dialogue


Clingendael, the Netherlands Institute of International Relations, will organise an upcoming advanced training course on Mediation and Dialogue in International Civil Crisis Management Missions in Tbilisi, Georgia, from 29 May to 31 May 2023.

Following a successful collaboration with EUMM Georgia in 2022, the mission has requested an advanced course in mediation, dialogue and conflict analysis for selected participants in the mission. This three-day intensive training aims to deepen participants’ skills and knowledge and focus more on the mission context.

The course is designed for mid to senior-level practitioners working at EUMM in Georgia who implement conflict-sensitive projects and activities, including political advisors, staff working on the hotline, and those working on confidence-building projects. Further, almost all the participants will have followed the first training on Mediation, Dialogue, and Conflict Analysis delivered either in September ‘22 or February ’23, as a basis.

Core of the training

The training will cover three inter-connected elements:

  1. negotiation and mediation concepts and tools for conflict resolution,
  2. trust-building and dealing with deadlocks,
  3. and process design and team coordination supporting dialogue processes.

The theory will be complemented by exercises, assignments, simulations, and discussions to equip participants with a comprehensive skill set comprising technical skills, tools, and competencies.

Goals and objectives of the training

The course will focus on enabling participants to explain the key elements of effective negotiation and mediation processes and analyse conflict and the contexts in which they work. Additionally they will choose the right tools and techniques that are applicable, available, and suitable to the situation, and test their own strong and weak competencies in applying the above.

After following this training, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the key concepts and practices of successful and sustainable mediation outcomes and be able to design advice on negotiation and mediation activities for engagement in local, national and international negotiations and mediations in the context of international crisis management missions. Furthermore, they will improve their ability to systematically apply conflict analysis and conflict sensitivity tools and integrate them into planning and programming processes relevant to their work.