EUCTI Training Announcement: Digital Communications in Civilian Crisis Management


The Earth has already made half its turn around the Sun since our partners from the Centre for European Perspective (CEP) organized a Digital Communications in Civilian Crisis Management, Volume II training in Georgia. This time, they moved towards the South of the Continent and are exchanging their know-how in Kosovo.

Between 7 and 9 September, CEP will implement the second module of the Digital Communications in Civilian Crisis Management training in a residential manner in Pristina, Kosovo. The training is targeting communication experts working at EULEX Kosovo, but also in other international organisations active in civilian crisis management (e.g., UN, OSCE).

In three days, the participants will gain an even deeper understanding of the importance strategic digital communication has in their daily lives – in building trust and legitimacy within the workplace, with their colleagues, communities and even more globally, when attempting to communicate the successes of their respective missions outside of them. It increases transparency and allows for achieving the mission mandate.

The goal of this advanced course is to update and enhance the theoretical knowledge participants received in the Volume I of the training. It was designed in close cooperation with the beneficiaries and with the help of leading experts and practitioners in the field. In this way participants will be able to apply newly acquired knowledge in practice through a simulation at the end of the course as well as through workshops delivered during the training.