EUCTI Training Announcement: Digital Communications in Civilian Crisis Management


The EUCTI training calendar has another addition! The Centre for European Perspective is organising a three-day training on Digital Communications in Civilian Crisis Management, which will take place between 16th and 18th November 2021. The training was tailored to the needs of EUMM Georgia personnel and is enlarged also to staff serving in international missions and other respective international organisations in Georgia.

Successful strategic communication aids in establishing a trustworthy relationship with the public by engaging with them in a timely, transparent and open manner. In the case of peace operation missions, information technologies could be better utilised for strategic communication to increase support of the domestic and foreign public and increase its legitimacy. Thus, the course aims to strengthen the overall performance of missions’ communication efforts, which enhance the mission’s legitimacy.

Due to the uncertain global pandemic situation, the course is divided into two modules that can be considered as two stand-alone trainings. The upcoming training represents the first module of the training, which is going to facilitate a theoretical basis on digital communications in civilian crisis management and will be held online. This will provide participants with the platform to take part in the second module of the training in the future, which is more practically oriented.

We wish all the training participants a successful training course and a strategic approach to communication in practice following the course’s conclusion!