EUCTI Training Announcement: Intercultural Communication in Civilian Crisis Management


This week’s EUCTI training calendar will be very busy! One of three EUCTI trainings being implemented for civilian crisis management missions and operations this week will be Clingendael‘s two-day training on Intercultural Communication, which will take place between 22nd and 23rd November 2021. The training is tailored to the needs of EUAM Ukraine and extended to other international organisations in Ukraine with participants joining from NATO ant the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. The training will be implemented residentially in Kiev.

As elaborated in our EUCTI Training Spotlight on Intercultural Communication, the relevant skills in civilian crisis management missions represent the ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds. Moreover, intercultural communication is recognised as an integral part of crisis management at many levels. As an integrated approach to crisis management became increasingly established, it created a need for missions to interact with several diverse actors. Therefore, the abilities and skills to overcome communication barriers as a result of heterogeneous actors in crisis situations are essential for the smooth functioning of operations.

We would like to wish the participants a successful and diverse exchange of the best practices and skills in intercultural communicaiton!