EUCTI Training Announcement: Intercultural Communication in French


The EUCTI Consortium will resume its usual (training) activities in two weeks. The premier training of 2023 will focus on Intercultural communication and strengthening intercultural competencies in the Central African Republic (RCA). The Austrian Centre for Peace (ACP) will conduct two online training courses with the same topic for two participant groups: the first group will attend the training between 24 and 25 January, and the second between 31 January and 1 February. The language of the courses will be French.

The training is designed for professionals working in an intercultural environment in civilian crisis management. Primarily, this training is intended for EU Advisory Mission in RCA (EUAM RCA) staff in need of strengthening their intercultural competencies and is open to participants from other international organisations working in a crisis management environment in the RCA. Both groups of a maximum of 20 participants will complete the self-paced online learning part before attending the synchronous online live sessions on the Zoom platform.

The participants will extend their knowledge on the topic by combining theory with practice and critical reflection on past experiences. Because operating in a culturally diverse context can be a challenge for anyone, especially when working in conflict-affected areas, the training on intercultural communication will focus on a range of practical solutions and guidance to deal with and overcome such challenges effectively.

During the course, the participants will engage in interactive discussion and sessions, video analysis, case studies and simulations. Together with the trainers, they will explore common pitfalls that lead to misunderstanding and cause tensions, (regionally specific) cultural differences in values, norms, and behaviour, and acquire competencies that allow effective communication across cultural barriers. Getting to know, understand and adopt a culturally sensitive approach will enable the participants to adequately, sensibly, and successfully fulfil their responsibilities and duties.

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