EUCTI Training Announcement: Negotiation and Mediation in International Crisis Management Missions


This year’s EUCTI training calendar is full full full, and the honour of conducting the first training course of 2022 has fallen upon our partners from the Clingendael Institute! Negotiation and Mediation in International Crisis Management Missions training course will be delivered between 15 and 17 February in an online format due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Training is tailored to the needs of the personnel of EUAM Ukraine and is extended to other international organizations operating in a crisis management environment in Ukraine, such as NATO and OSCE. Specifically, the training is intended to improve negotiation and mediation skills of people in core positions within crisis management missions.

Negotiation is at the very core of every international crisis management mission, as they are themselves a direct result of a negotiated agreement. In an increasingly complex, volatile, and oftentimes dangerous mission environment mediation, negotiation and dialogue skills provide crucial means to achieving a peaceful resolution between parties involved in the mediation or negotiation process. Therefore, those skills are essential in practically every element and at every level of international crisis management. You can read even more about this topic in our EUCTI Training Spotlight: Negotiation and Mediation Skills in International Crisis Management Missions.

Our premier training of the year will aim to strengthen the participant’s soft skills. It will equip them with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge on how to fulfill their role as negotiators or mediators and become even more confident and effective in achieving the strategic goals of their civilian crisis management missions.

We wish all the participants and trainers a fulfilling and intense learning experience, and a successful completion of the course!