EUCTI Training Announcement: Security Sector Reform in Civilian Crisis Management


The Austrian Study Centre For Peace And Conflict Resolution will implement a five-day training tailored to the needs of the European Union Capacity Building Mission in Somalia and extended to other international organisations in Somalia! The training is organised in a hybrid format. The first part of the training will take place online on 17 and 18 November. The online part of the training will be followed by the residential training, which will take place between 22 an 24 of November for the first training group and resume from 26 to 28 November for the second training group.

As mentioned in our EUCTI Training Spotlight on Security Sector Reform, the concept of SSR explicitly emphasizes the linkages between security and development, prompting the development community to redefine its role in the field of security, while also emphasizing the importance of security in the establishment of sustainable peace and development. Thus, it is highly important to gain an understanding of this concept and to be familiarized with all its different aspects.

WeWe wish all the training participants a successful training course and a comprehensive approach to implementing security sector reform measures!