EUCTI Training Announcement: Training of Trainers and Presenters’ Workshop


What do the Training of Trainers (ToT) and Presenters’ Workshop have in common?

They are both part of the training for staff of EULEX Kosovo and opened to other international missions working in the country, organised, and implemented by Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. The first part will be conducted in the online arena on 2 and 3 November 2022, while the second part will be residential, in Prishtina. One group of participants will attend the ToT between 7 and 9 November while the other group will have the chance to learn more about delivering memorable lectures on 8 November.

Successful crisis management, stabilization, and peace support missions rely on the availability of well-prepared experts who can transfer their knowledge and situational awareness to their colleagues and counterparts in a clear and structured manner. Both training courses aim at building up participants’ presentation skills and recognizing their important role in successful mission activities.

Training Audience and Objectives

Professional trainers developed both training courses in close cooperation with EULEX Kosovo interlocutors who identified two different training needs for two different target audiences. While both audiences will consist of experts working in international (civilian) crisis management missions, deployed within Kosovo, the difference lies in their work tasks. ToT target audience conducts training activities and coaching sessions as subject matter experts or trainers. Presenters’ Workshop target audience are regularly requested to conduct briefings and presentations related to their work and tasks.

The key objective of both courses is to build in-mission capacities to enhance the ability of missions to adapt to the steadily changing capacity-building requirements of international peace operations and to strengthen in-mission capability in terms of knowledge transfer and briefing skills.

Additionally, the ToT aims to strengthen the didactical and methodological skills of members of international missions in designing and delivering training courses in order to build local capacities in relevant areas as well as to provide mission members a possibility to develop their individual skill set.

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