EUCTI Training Announcement: Training of Trainers in Civilian Crisis Management


The EUCTI Consortium’s premier training is incoming! The Training of Trainers (ToT) course for staff deployed in civilian crisis management missions will take part between 18 and 22 October. The ToT course is being delivered by the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in an online format. The training was designed to meet the needs of the European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia and is extended to other international organisations working in the country. In addition, participants from the European Union Capacity Building Mission in Niger will join the training based on their request.

As mentioned in our ToT Training Spotlight one of the means through which crisis management missions and peace operations seek to develop local capacities is training. Civilian crisis management missions and operations recruit subject matter experts to deliver training activities, who are generally selected on the basis of their specific field of expertise. However, these subject matter experts assuming the role of trainers often have varying levels of skills concerning adult learning and sometimes-limited trainer experience.

The EUCTI ToT course aims to strengthen the training skills of members of international crisis management missions and peace operations to either support them in designing and delivering ToT courses or to equip the subject matter experts with skills, knowledge and competencies to be more effective trainers. Ultimately, the course will bridge the gap between subject matter expertise and trainer skills.

We wish all the training participants a successful training course and all the best in transferring their experiences and knowledge to their peers.