Good Crisis Communication Plan? Check!


Clingendael’s upgraded Strategic and Crisis Communication training has successfully concluded!

After the first part of the course, delivered in November 2023, the second part, dedicated to the analysis and stress test of a crisis communication plan, was completed. On 26 March 2024, eight members of the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) in Ukraine’s Press and Public Information Division (PPID) joined a half-day online webinar.

The first part of the training took place over three non-consecutive days between 8 and 21 November and benefited 17 participants, all EUAM Ukraine members. It covered a wide range of topics, such as disinformation and misinformation, the relationship between crisis management and communication, the theory behind crisis communication planning, and practical tools for implementing the crisis communication strategy.

Crisis Communication Plan – Stress Test

The organisers and the beneficiary planned to conduct the second part of the training immediately after New Year. At the start of the year, however, Ukraine declared a day of mourning following deadly attacks on Kyiv at the end of the year. This affected the mission’s work schedule as well, and the decision to reschedule the final training day was made.

Finally, 26 March 2024 was selected as the day to critically revise and stress test the crisis communication plan. The plan, prepared by the relevant PPID members, serves as guidelines for the mission members in communicating various possible events relevant to the mission environment. Ultimately, the outcome of the stress test will consolidate the crisis communication plan.

Despite the longer period between the two training parts, the course can be considered a success. The training organisers’ flexibility and professionalism were greatly appreciated, as was the mission members’ dedication to sticking with the proposed training plan despite the volatile security environment in which they operate.