Those were only a few of the questions the Namibian International Women’s Peace Centre (NIWPC) members engaged with during the Training of Trainers organised for them. The Centre for European Perspective (CEP) and its Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC) implemented this basic ToT under the auspices of EUCTI as a 3rd country activity in Windhoek, Namibia, between 8 and 12 January 2024.

Altogether, 18 participants from NIWPC and affiliated Namibian police and civilian structures attended five days of training and learned about the principles of adult learning, teaching and learning theories, learning styles, preparation and delivery of the training session and much more.

The ToT was, for that reason, divided into eight carefully designed training modules: Module 1 – Being a Trainer, Module 2 – Teaching and Learning Theories, Module 3 – Techniques for Effective Training Sessions, Module 4 – Managing the Training Environment and Enhancing Communication, Module 5 – Planning and Preparation of Training Sessions, Module 6 – Delivery of Training Sessions, Module 7 – Assessing Learning and Evaluating Training Events, and Module 8 – Mission Environment Training Specifics.

Even though the trainees tried hard to create engaging training sessions and find their own teaching styles, this training wasn’t only work. In the afternoon, the trainees transformed into trainers, took the organising team sightseeing, tried some local specialities, and showed them their nature and culture.

We wish the trainees a successful incorporation of newly gained skills into their everyday lives and responsibilities. We are glad that the project helps build long-lasting connections between the training organisations and beneficiaries working in crisis management.