Intercultural Competencies in Central African Republic

24 – 25 January 2023
31 January – 1 February 2023
OnlineAustrian Centre for Peace

EU Advisory Mission in the Central African Republic

Course Summary

The premier training of 2023 focused on Intercultural communication and strengthening intercultural competencies in the Central African Republic (RCA). The Austrian Centre for Peace (ACP) implemented the training in French for two groups of participants, 29 altogether, all coming from the EU Advisory Mission in the Central African Republic (EUAM RCA). The course combined theoretical concepts and inputs, self-assessments, group exercises, plenary discussions, and various tools, including videos and pictures. With their help and under the trainers’ professional guidance, the participants explored (regionally specific) cultural differences in values, norms, and behaviour, and common pitfalls that lead to misunderstanding and cause tensions. Furthermore, they acquired competencies that allow effective communication across cultural barriers.

Course Agenda & Course Concept

Find the Course Agenda HERE.

Read the Course Concept HERE.

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