PRESS RELEASE: EUCTI Training on Security Sector Reform Successfully Concluded


The five-day training on Security Sector Reform, which has been implemented in two parts by our Consortium member the Austrian Study Centre For Peace And Conflict Resolution has been fully concluded with great success! The training activity was tailored to the needs of the European Union Capacity Building Mission in Somalia and was extended to other international organisations in Somalia.

Overall, 26 participants attended the training. The training was delivered in two parts – online and residentially. The online modules of the course on SSR were delivered to all 26 participants between 17 and 18 of November and followed by two residential training installments in Nairobi with both lasting three days. The first residential training segment took place between 22 and 24 of November and the second segment between 26 and 28 of November.

The training participants took part in a total of 19 sessions through interactive lectures and exercises, which were facilitated by seven trainers. The training sessions began by introducing the general concepts of SSR, which included topics such as transitional justice, the informal elements of the justice system, good governance and maritime law. This was complemented by insights into the particularities of the Somalian SSR context. Finally, both training groups came together on 2 December in a virtual meeting to reflect on the training activity and lessons learned as well as discuss the future of SSR in Somalia.

We would like to thank ASPR Schlaning for organising and implementing this successful training activity as well as extend our gratitude to all the lecturers for sharing their knowledge and expertise. Moreover, we would like to wish the training participants successful deployments.