PRESS RELEASE: First hybrid training of the year – mission accomplished!


We are announcing a successful conclusion of the three-part training on Conflict Analysis and Conflict Sensitivity, implemented by our German partner, Center for International peace Operations (ZIF Berlin). The training, targeting personnel of EUCAP Somalia and extended to other international organizations such as the UN and African Union, consisted of:

  • Self-paced module where participants could in their own time familiarize themselves with basic concepts and conflict analysis tools
  • Three-day online webinar, focused on country-specific context, gender mainstreaming and human rights
  • Three-day residential training in Nairobi, Kenya with heavy focus on experience sharing, group work and applying different conflict analysis tools to work-related case studies

Participants, 22 of them, came mostly from EUCAP Somalia, while some are working either for the UN, African Union, or in the NGO sector. A great training team included ZIF trainers and external experts on human rights, gender, climate security and data analytics. They offered the participants a comprehensive analysis of how to use various conflict analysis tools and how to integrate different perspectives into conflict analysis.

Among the topics that stood out is definitely the climate component. Both participants and experts strongly agreed that climate and environmental related risks should not be ignored, especially in conflict affected contexts. Another thing that stood out was diversity. Having the participants from different organisations and with different backgrounds all in one place had great positive impacts on the individual and group learning experience and knowledge sharing.