PRESS RELEASE: Five days of mediation, dialogue and conflict analysis training in Georgia proved beneficial


Clingendael’s experienced trainers finally returned to residential teaching with their first training in Georgia in the scope of EUCTI.

Between 12 and 16 September they implemented a 5-day tailor-made training on Mediation, Dialogue and Conflict Analysis in International Crisis Management for 17 participants, staff of EU monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM Georgia). Based in Tbilisi, the training enabled the participants to practice their mediation, dialogue, and conflict analysis skills on relevant cases, reflecting the situation in Georgia.

Among other things the participants were tasked to conduct stakeholder analysis to understand the positions, interests and needs of various stakeholders. They analysed root causes and created a conflict tree. Furthermore, they created a thorough map of interrelations among the stakeholders. This helped them identify potential entry points for negotiation and/or conflict resolution in their respective conflict cases, while also enhance their teamwork skills.

Training Methods

This type of training is strongly based on the principle of experiential learning, which means that the initial theoretical approach is enriched with a practical, hand-on approach. After every session, the participants and trainers together sat down for a debriefing to discuss any potential questions, exchange ideas and insights on the content of the lessons. The training culminated in a group assignment where the trainees had to apply all their newly gained knowledge to solve a case study challenge.

Once again, the hard work of trainers paid off as the participants were active, provided their own insights and confirmed the experiential learning approach to be suitable to their needs.

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