PRESS RELEASE: Local Ownership the basis of Training of Trainers in Kinshasa, DRC


The first EUCTI Training of Trainers in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) successfully concluded yesterday in Kinshasa. Between 3 and 6 October and between 10 and 13 October almost 30 trainees worked on their skill set under the professional guidance of experts from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA). Trainees were members of École de Formation Électorale en Afrique Centrale (EFEAC, Eng. The Electoral Training School in Central Africa) and other international (non-governmental and civil society) organizations operating in DRC.

To learn more about the training from the local news, click HERE.

Experienced trainers and tutors guided the participants toward using their newly gained knowledge and tools to design their own training activities for their colleagues. Spreading knowledge and know-how is, after all, the main goal of the ToT, especially as the rotation of personnel in missions and other international organizations is happening regularly.

Training of Trainers Learning Highlights

Let’s look at some of the learning highlights:

  • The participants learned about the importance of knowing the training audience and their diverse interests by performing data collection and needs assessment
  • They learned how to manage a situation where the trainer does not have all the answers
  • They realised there is no such thing as failing, only realising what were the things that went wrong to try to do better next time
  • The trainees were creative – they learned how to turn challenges into creative opportunities and activities
  • They avoided hurtful communication and learned about the importance of clear communication for establishing a welcoming training atmosphere
  • They familiarised themselves with measurable training objectives and are now able to distinguish them from the impact of the training

Clearly, the need for ToTs showed by the members of different national, regional and international organizations, is permanent. Furthermore, improving the personnel’s teaching skills remains a priority for training providers as well.

We congratulate all trainees that attended both ToT courses in Kinshasa, DRC, and we wish them a lot of success on their professional and personal journeys!