PRESS RELEASE: Protection of Civilians training? – Check!


Protection of Civilians four-day online training for EUAM Ukraine, implemented by our partners from the Centre for European Perspective (CEP), has successfully been concluded.

During these four days, 21 members of staff of EUAM Ukraine together with CEP and eight different trainers created a bubble of shared experiences and knowledge. The training was tailored specifically for them, to support the mission members in times of Russian aggression and to equip them with necessary knowledge on principles and norms that construct Protection of Civilians (PoC).

Through interactive lessons, group work and small-scale simulation exercise, participants learned about the definition of a civilian in crisis management context, how civilians and civilian infrastructure are affected by the conflict, legal framework of PoC and the operational aspect of it. Participants were also given the introduction to conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence and the EU approach to PoC.

Even though only one session was implicitly linked to concrete examples and impact the PoC has within the mission environment, trainers and experts were more than willing to share their own related experiences in peacekeeping and peacebuilding with the audience. This proved to be highly appreciated by the participants and a value added to the training.

It was discussed that there are challenges to understand and define who a civilian is during times of conflict and how to best  protect them as they are increasingly becoming targets of hostilities and violence. At all times, it is important to keep in mind that the protection and respect of human lives is a powerful principle enshrined in fundamental human rights.

EUCTI is proud to have been able to support EUAM Ukraine through the custom-made, need-based training. EUCTI wishes participants – first and foremost – to remain safe and to be able to use gained knowledge to help conflict affected people.