Strengthening Strategic Advising to Become Agents of Change


Strategic advising is critical to capacity building and crisis management missions, especially in conflict environments. It provides local institutional counterparts guidance, support, and expertise to develop and strengthen their skills and capacities. Strategic advising on civilian security sector reform is one of the three lines of operation through which the Advisory Mission in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine) works to achieve its mission mandate.

Part of the work of EUAM Ukraine’s strategic advisors is also training. But if they want to convey their expertise on the rule of law, justice system reform and corrections and policing, their skills also need to be strengthened.

Between 19 and 22 June, 15 mission members joined the online Strategic Advising course, successfully organised by Scuola Sant’Anna (SSSA) under the EUCTI umbrella. During these four intensive days of training, they addressed main monitoring, mentoring and advising concepts, and knowledge management and capacity-building processes and principles. Additionally, the participants were coached to shift their mindset to become agents of change in their work environment, manage complex situations and cope with resistance.

At the end of another need-based training for experts working in civilian crisis management in Ukraine we want to congratulate all participants who successfully completed the course and improved their skills. We hope the training will help them support national authorities and other local counterparts in developing effective strategies to address pressing challenges and promote peace, stability, and security in Ukraine.

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