The First Part of the Digital Communications Training for EULEX Kosovo Was Put in the “Completed” Column


Today, our Consortium partner Centre for European Perspective concluded the 4-day Digital Communication in Civilian Crisis Management training for EULEX Kosovo and other international organizations in the country. 15 participants that are daily working on communication joined the training, which took place online between 23 November and 10 December 2021.

Communication experts provided sessions on the topics such as digital rhetoric, digital campaign development, rapid response communications, the importance of digital communications in civilian crisis management, the importance of visuals, social media analytics, and digital security.

The training, which is the first out of two organized for international operations and mission in Kosovo, focused on the theoretical part of digital communication. The second part of the training will take place in Pristina in Spring 2022 and will build upon the just finished training. It will focus on the improvement of practical communication skills with practical lectures such as smartphone videography and photography, digital campaign development, etc. 

We would like to thank the Centre for European Perspective for ensuring smooth execution of the training as well as all speakers for their dedication and time to share knowledge that is particularly valuable nowadays in highly digitalized world. Last but not least, we would also like to thank EULEX Kosovo for its cooperation and assistance in the execution of the training.