TRAINING SPOTLIGHT: Training of Trainers


One of the means through which crisis management missions and peace operations seek to develop local capacities is training. Civilian crisis management missions and operations recruit subject matter experts to deliver training activities, who are generally selected on the basis of their specific field of expertise. However, these subject matter experts assuming the role of trainers often have varying levels of skills concerning adult learning and sometimes limited trainer experience. This gap between subject matter expertise and training skills can have a detrimental impact on the degree of knowledge transfer and, thus, to achieving mission objectives. Consequently, training programmes in adult learning, training design, didactical standards and training skills for training personnel increase the impact of capacity-building activities in the mission environment and enhance knowledge transfer.

Training of Trainers (ToT) predominantly utilizes sharing of ideas and experiences, rather than the direct transfer of information, expertise, or providing specialized training as an educational approach. As such, the overall objective of the training course is to develop management skills with a focus on the instructor’s training capacity and skills, as opposed to knowledge acquisition. Moreover, ToT focuses on developing cross-cutting skills required from trainers to meet their training objectives and prepare trainees for their envisaged responsibilities in the context of the mission’s mandate. In broader terms, civilian crisis management missions depend on the quality transfer of knowledge and experiences from more experienced mission staff members that take up onboarding and training roles in general.

The ToT course aims to strengthen the training skills of members of international crisis management missions and peace operations to either support them in designing and delivering the ToT courses or to equip the subject matter experts with skills, knowledge and attitudes to be more effective trainers.