In today’s ever-changing world, security is no longer confined to traditional notions of defense alone; it encompasses a complex, multifaceted understanding widely known as human security, recognising the holistic state of well-being and safety of individuals and communities.

To keep up with these demanding challenges, the EUCTI’s partner, the Austrian Center for Peace (ACP), is conducting a need-based 5-day training on Security Sector Reform (SSR) from 25 to 29 September 2023 in Bamako, Mali. The training primarily targets EUCAP Sahel Mali staff and will be held in French.

EUCTI’s training on Security Sector Reform

Bridging the efforts of international, regional and bilateral actors, the development of targeted Security Sector Reform projects follows the EU mission’s principal guidelines of building effective democratic institutions, transparency, participation, inclusivity and effective internal & external accountability. Developed on a bottom-up design, the SSR Training seeks to efficiently target the specific needs of the EUCAP Sahel Mali’s mission.

Bringing in their professional area expertise, the active engagement of the participants highly contributes to the training’s success. Following a modern adult learning methodology mix, modules of the SSR Training encompass, inter alia, the mapping of actors & dynamics of the SSR sector, key challenges in implementing SSR projects, Civil Society & Freedom of Speech, Project Cycle Management, as well as future perspectives for SSR projects in Mali and the Sahel region.

Successfully absolving the SSR training, participants will be able to conceptualise major purposes, objectives, principles and processes of Security Sector Reforms and contextualise SSR’s historical and political dimensions. Furthermore, they will learn to identify and connect key actors in implementing SSR projects while maintaining a particular awareness of intersectional inequalities as overreaching phenomena of Security Sector Reforms.

EUCTI is excited to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to address SSR projects from a holistic human security perspective. By emphasising this comprehensive view of security, SSR Training empowers civilian personnel to respond to the diverse challenges of their missions.

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