What have we been up to in the past two years?


The second chapter in the EUCTI book is closed and now it’s time for the summary!

Since the beginning of the EUCTI project back in 2021 the EUCTI Consortium implemented 16 training courses in 6 different countries – Georgia, Kosovo, Mali, Niger, Somalia, and Ukraine. In comparison with the first project year the number of delivered courses tripled and we are one step closer to achieving one of our goals – delivering up to 27 training courses in three years. First place in the category “Type of delivery” of the training courses is shared between face-to-face and online courses, each was organized seven times. in three instances the courses delivered were hybrid.

Exactly 284 participants from 40 countries attended these courses. Majority of them were civilian experts, deployed to six EU Common Security and Defence Policy (EU CSDP) missions (EUMM GeorgiaEUAM Ukraine, EUCAP SomaliaEUCAP Sahel MaliEUCAP Sahel NigerEULEX Kosovo). Contributing to the knowledge and experience variety during training were also participants from other international organizations working in the field of civilian crisis management in the respective countries, namely the UN, OSCE, African Union and other international (non-)governmental organizations.

Another goal of the EUCTI Consortium was to build the capacity of training organisations in third countries, in particular, but not limited to non-EU CSDP contributing countries, Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership and member states of the African Union. In October 2022 the training team from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna implemented two training activities, two Training of Trainers courses in french language in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. The training was designed for members of École de Formation Électorale en Afrique Centrale (EFEAC, Eng. The Electoral Training School in Central Africa) and other international (non-governmental and civil society) organizations operating in DRC. 27 members attended the training.

Altogether 311 participants from seven different countries learned from 60 different experts, who in turn delivered 374 hours of training. Among the training topics covered were mediation and negotiation, intercultural communication, digital and strategic communications, training of trainers, security sector reform, conflict analysis and conflict sensitivity, protection of civilians, and tackling organized crime.

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